Össur provides training for Ukrainian medical professionals

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Ukrainian medical professionals receive comprehensive training in the field of lower limb prosthetics

Össur recently conducted its first multi-disciplinary educational event for Ukrainian medical professionals focusing on clinical treatment solutions for lower limb amputees.

In a unique cooperation between Össur and the Ukraine Protez Hub Foundation, nineteen Ukrainian medical professionals of various disciplines, were invited to gather at the Össur academic facility in Köln, Germany, for a week of comprehensive education and hands-on training in the field of lower limb amputation and prosthetic rehabilitation. Globally recognized thought-leaders in the field, including Professors Jan Geertzen (the Netherlands), Bernhard Greitemann (Germany), and Richard Branemark (Sweden), and orthopedic surgeons Gert-Uno Larsson (Sweden) and Axel Schulz (Germany), were joined by prosthetists, physiotherapists, and other specialists, to provide the participants with a holistic program that covered surgical techniques, wound healing, assistive technology as a part of early and post-trauma rehabilitation, gait training, and more. The program was curated by Dr Anton Johannesson from Össur and Antonina Kumka from Protez Hub with the goal of contributing to the long-term sustainable development of the prosthetic profession in Ukraine.

“Össur has been diligently supporting Ukrainian medical professionals and amputees in need since the beginning of the war in February 2022 and we are committed to contributing to the positive development of prosthetic care in the country.”

Sveinn Sölvason, President and CEO of Össur

According to Sölvason, the number of amputees is increasing daily as a consequence of the ongoing war, and the need for trained specialists is also on the rise. “Joining forces with Protez Hub on this initiative is an important step in ensuring optimal clinical care for Ukrainian patients in need now and in the future.”

Protez Hub is one of the organizations in Ukraine spearheading educational efforts and championing the sustainable development of the limb prosthetics industry in Ukraine. The Ukrainian medical professionals who attended the course were also joined by three Ukrainian amputees who were provided with Össur prosthetic solutions.

“Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion Ukraine has seen an increased number of amputees and it was a relief to get much needed ongoing support from Össur since spring of 2022. We are fortunate to join forces with Össur yet again in order to bring sustainable change to Ukraine’s  prosthetics and rehabilitation industry through quality education. We are also grateful to the Swiss government for their support of this professional exchange as part of the War Trauma Rehabilitation Project,” said Antonina Kumka of Protez Hub.