In Nordic mythology, Embla was the first woman on Earth.​ ​Made from the wood of the ancient Elm tree, she became a symbol of new life. Of breath, movement and freedom.​ ​Today, she embodies who we are. Our vision and our values.​

At Embla Medical, we are dedicated to improving people’s mobility. We do this with compassion and innovation, from how we design our award-winning mobility solutions to how we operate our network of patient care clinics.​

A leading global provider of innovative mobility solutions that help people live a Life Without Limitations®

Embla Medical is home to Össur, a leading global provider of prosthetics and bracing and supports solutions; FIOR & GENTZ, an innovative developer of neuro orthotics; and College Park, creators of custom-built prosthetic solutions for people of all activity levels. Since 1971, we have produced more than 2,100 patents and numerous award-winning designs, renowned for advancing the Orthotic & Prosthetic (O&P) industry.​

Our patient care clinics make up a vast network, spread across multiple countries. They are modern, comfortable spaces where patients have access to innovative solutions, expert guidance, and personalized care and support.​

Wide-Ranging Expertise

Founded in 1971, Embla Medical is a leading global provider of innovative mobility solutions and is listed on the NASDAQ Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

A Talented Team

Embla Medical is a global organization with a network of talented employees around the world. For generations, we’ve been helping people live Life Without Limitations and our shared purpose is what motivates us to do our best each day.

Extensive Global Reach

The Embla Medical Head Office is located in Iceland and the company brands have operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Our commitment and responsibility also extends to our people and our planet. We embrace diversity and recognize the impact we have on the world around us.​

Improving mobility can be a lifelong journey. And we are companions on that journey, committed to providing the best outcomes and highest patient satisfaction. We do this with a successful and growing portfolio of leading brands and a global network of talented teams, all driven by our shared purpose of helping people to live a Life Without Limitations®.​

Our Mission

We Improve People’s Mobility

At Embla Medical, a passionate commitment to improving people’s mobility driven by innovation and patient outcomes has been at the core of our success.

Our vision is to enable a Life Without Limitations by improving people’s mobility.

Main Focus Areas

Embla Medical generates value for its customers, shareholders and employees through Patient Reach, Innovative Solutions and O&P Value Creation.

Patient Reach

We connect directly with patients and reach out to payers and prescribers.

Innovative Solutions

We embrace innovation in all our actions. We provide innovative and patient-centric solutions combining product and service.

O&P Value Creation

We offer business solutions to our customers, including Orthotic & Prosthetic (O&P) clinics enabling seamless service and close partnership.